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Are you looking for new, affordable flooring that is stylish, beautiful, and durable enough for pets and kids? If you are looking for flooring to tick all these boxes, our team at Finer Floors can show you laminate flooring that may be the best flooring for your house.

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What is Laminate Flooring?

Laminate is installed in planks made up of four main layers. The surface layer is several layers of melamine with aluminum oxide for durability. The next layer is the paper layer where the look of the laminate is printed. This paper layer can be printed to take on the look of any other hard flooring including stone, hardwood, and ceramic tile.

Under the paper is a wood fiber core that is often soaked in resins to provide water resistance. The bottom is an underlay that serves several purposes including a vapor barrier to further increase water resistance, and cushion to prevent the floor from being loud when walked on. It’s made to be beautiful and durable but remains affordable.


Advantages of Laminate Flooring:

  • Durability – Laminate is highly water resistant (not waterproof), highly scratch resistant, dent resistant, and handles temperature fluctuations well.
  • Ease of Installation – Laminate is a floating floor. Each plank clicks together easily without the need for glue or nails. It can be laid over almost any other flooring and makes for a fun DIY project.
  • Affordable Style – Laminate flooring has options to look exactly like high-end hardwood, ceramic, or stone flooring without the hefty price tag.
  • Maintenance – Easy cleanup with a broom and damp mop. Laminate does not require refinishing every 10 years like solid hardwood can.

What Kind of Style Can be Achieved with Laminate Plank Tiles?

Any style you can imagine can be achieved with laminate. You can design with dark, white, wood look, and many other varieties of laminate flooring.

There are styles suited for a kitchen, common area, or entryway. Laminate flooring can be designed as hand-scraped and rustic, distressed and weathered, or sleek and modern. You can further individualize your look with some styles that come in different plank widths and during floor installation, you can stagger the widths of the laminate plank flooring.




Do you need new home flooring? Or are you ready to tackle flooring replacement old carpet that you've been thinking about for long enough? Come by Finer Floors to see all the possibilities yourself and get started on your floor renovation today. We also offer free in-home estimates. If you don’t want to take the time to do your laminate flooring installation yourself, it can be done quickly by our trusted professional flooring installation contractors. Contact us today. We serve Boise, Nampa, Meridian, and Caldwell, Idaho.

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